This Covered Porch is Perfect for Enjoying Sunny Days

At the back of House at Lake Biel by Markus Schietsch Architekten, a covered porch provides the perfect place for enjoying sunny days.  The large space “wraps like the deck of a ship in the sea of grasses.”  It opens up to a beautiful, lush meadow, situated near a lake in western Switzerland.

The next floor up includes two outdoor terraces, which provide ample space to appreciate the outdoors.  These extensions of the home allow residents to bring many of their everyday activities outside.  For example, the porch could easily accommodate al fresco dining.

Sunlight pours into the interior through floor-to-ceiling windows that divide the porch from the main house.  Timber beams frame the porch and create interesting patterns of sun and shadow in the inside.  Overall, it creates a bright an airy feel in the open layout interior.

The main room of the house combines living, dining, and eating spaces without feeling too cluttered or too spread out.  Its kitchen island and freestanding fireplaces perfectly break up the space.  [Photography by Andreas Buschmann.  Information and photos courtesy of Markus Schietsch Architekten.]

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