Taiwanese Apartment with Sleek, Modern Touches

Polished black tiles fill the entryway to C Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN, setting the tone for this modern Taiwanese apartment.  Stylish furnishings and updated features run throughout.

The large main room has floor to ceiling windows that make the open space feel bright and airy. The few modern furnishings selected use neutrals and soft colors and clean lines, so that even the red and yellow mismatched chairs do not feel overpowering.

The dining area has stylish built-in storage units that augment the room’s minimalist feel, keeping clutter tucked neatly inside its boxy frame.

Further back, the apartment’s nearly 2,000 square feet accommodate three bedrooms.  The master bedroom features a large wooden door that hides more storage and a television.  Otherwise, the room is furnished simply with a bed and two end tables.  Floor to ceiling windows continue into this room, as do the views of Taichung’s skyline. [Photography courtesy of Z-AXIS DESIGN]

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