Studio Apartments Terraced on the Madeira Island Coast

Mayer and Selders created two conjoined studio apartments in rural Jardim do Mar, on the southwest Madeira Island coast.  This gorgeous island in the Atlantic is part of Portugal.

The architects made the most of this idyllic location with large windows facing out to sea.  For example, the upper level apartment’s two-story glass wall draws attention from both the bottom and lofted floors.  Additionally, a sliding glass door in the kitchen opens up to a large terrace that wraps around along the glass wall.

Downstairs, the studio apartment features large glass panels that pull back and open the room to ocean air.  As a result, the kitchen placed just inside flows out to the patio for al fresco dining.  The built-in bedroom also benefits from the open environment, offering the chance to start and end each day with ocean views and sounds.

The best part, however, is still to come.  Following a set of stairs along the terraced hillside leads to the water’s edge.  Here, a circular swimming pool and patio offer unimpeded views of the coastal hills and water. [Photography courtesy of Dirk Mayer Architecture + Design]

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