Northern California Home Disappears into the Landscape

Jensen Architects built Turner Residence as a series of open spaces, such that the structure itself disappears into the landscape.  Residents can pocket the top floor’s sliding glass panel walls away to open the living and dining space.  This is a wonderful feature with northern California’s temperate climate and panoramic mountain views.

With pocketed walls, the shaded living area blends seamlessly with a pool terrace.  Jensen Architects worked with Nicole Hollis Interior Design to choose decor that mirrors the bright aesthetic of the home.  Their choice of natural colors helps pull in the outdoors underneath the top floor’s floating rooftop.

Further, you can lay out in a pre-fab Alaskan yellow cedar spa enclosure across the pool.  This sitting space makes the terrace feel even more like an extension of the living room.

The project incorporates elements of the surrounding landscape, so that the firm was much less building on the site than it was building with the site.  Constructors cut the two floors below the terrace into the sloped ridge to form a grounded plinth.  In addition, they filled the series of retainer walls built in construction with greenery that will eventually cover the man-made materials. [Photography by Mariko Reed, and information courtesy of Jensen Architects]

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