Modern Family Retreat Built for All Four Seasons in Methow Valley

Olson Kundig designed Studhorse in northern Washington State for adventurous family that wanted a place to enjoy each of the four seasons.  The Methow Valey is has hot summers and snowy winters, and the design practice needed creative ways to embrace both.

With that in mind, lead designer Tom Kundig’s design eschews the usual boundaries between the indoors and nature.  Walls or sections of walls can be pulled back to open large sections of the home up in the summer.  For example, the living and dining room’s glass walls can be retracted so that whole sides of the room are open to the outdoors.

Further, the layout centers living areas around a courtyard and pool, pulling activity outdoors to enjoy swimming in the day and a firepit at night.

In the winter, the closed up glass walls provide stunning views of the mountains in the distance.  Kundig made the most of these gorgeous surroundings with windows in most rooms, including the private sauna on the side of the home.

The materials were selected to endure this variation in temperature and to blend into the landscape as they weather. (Photography and information courtesy of Olson Kundig)

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