High Contrast Minimalist Apartment in Kiev

Designed by Sergey Makhno Architects, this minimalist apartment in Kiev, Ukraine was developed with functionality in mind. The crib is defined as a comfortable space for “both adventurers and sloths staying at home 24/7”; it is suitable for productive work, as well as for lying down with a book in your hand after a long day´s work is finished.

An open plan living and dining area acts as the social core of the house. It is here that a high contrast in color temperatures creates a dynamic, almost hypnotizing effect. The green sofa and armchairs are eye magnets against the neutral white and gray backdrop.

The spider-web chandelier above the coffee table reduces the scale of this area; at the same time it adds to the minimalist geometry that marks the identity of this apartment in Kiev. Built-in wardrobes and a streamlined dressing room hide storage space from sight.

Step inside the master bedroom and you will discover an airy, soothing interior. Wallnut tones and floor to-ceiling-windows make this room tranquil and inviting. What are the details you find most appealing about this home in Ukraine? Photos courtesy of Sergey Makhno Architects.

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