Green Roof Shows Off Sustainable Living by the Australian Coast

The clients for this sustainably constructed project in Australia worked closely with ArchiBlox to ensure that Avalon House had minimal impact on the land.  A green roof, filled with bushes and vines.

This feature is at once beautiful and environmentally friendly.  It minimizes water runoff, for example, which is a key step in sustaining the earth’s water systems.  In addition, the living roof acts as a thermal mass to keep the home warm.

ArchiBlox homes are pre-fab modular designs.  In this case, the pre-fab structure is elevated above the earth on posts, so it only lightly touches the ground below.  Modular homes also minimize construction time.  That’s great news for the clients who are ready to move in quickly and enjoy their new home.

Orientation was another key consideration in construction.  The design team ensured that the position would naturally cool and heat the space.  The East-West orientation allows for cross-ventilation.  Also, large windows are included on the northern face to get the most of the sunlight’s warmth, which is optimal with the movement of the sun in the southern hemisphere. [Photography and information courtesy of ArchiBlox]

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