Contemporary Farmhouse in Suffolk

Norm Architects completed Reydon Grove Farm, a contemporary farmhouse at the edge of a working farm in Suffolk, United Kingdom.  The single story has a long, thin layout to match the size of the pre-existing barn and dairies on the site.

This layout works to emphasize the natural landscape outside.  In particular, its mere one story avoids becoming an imposing structure that sticks out in the sprawling farmland.  Instead, it uses glass walls and a white interior to disappear.

Bright white light pours into the home’s interior and reflects beautifully off the white walls and furnishings.  On one side, it meets a hallway that connects to bedrooms.  On the other, it fills an open minimalist living space.  A white wall and fireplace split the living and cooking spaces with space on both sides for flow back and forth.

Outside, this home features a wrap-around walkway covered by its overhanging flat roof.  This space gives residents room to live on both sides of the home’s glazed walls. [Photography by Jinas Bjerre Poulsen of Norm Architects, courtesy of Arch Daily]

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