A Natural Safari Retreat in Botswana

Architects Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman teamed up to design Sandibe Okavango, an ecologically friendly safari lodge located in Botswana. Built in the Okavango Delta, the lodge neighbors an active game reserve, giving guests plentiful opportunities to see animals congregating in their natural environment. Featuring twelve guest suites, this luxurious lodge was built with the idea of becoming a tourist draw for the region.

Moving away from the traditional dark and murky interiors of traditional safari lodges, the ribs of this lodge open up to the outdoors, giving a sweeping view of the landscape and brush. There was a focus on using locally sourced materials, while the electrical power is supplied by a nearby solar panel farm. These features help lower the lodge’s carbon footprint.

The distinctive slope of the roof was created from woven saplings and natural wood shingles from locally sourced wood. The design is actually inspired in part by a pangolin, a highly endangered creature that lives throughout African and Asia, and can be found in the bush surrounding the safari lodge.

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